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Chat: verschiedene Logins
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Chat: verschiedene Logins

123 Flash Chat version 9.2 (2011.08.25)
1. Added Social Connect
a. Allow your users to login your chat room with their Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or google accounts.
b. Allow chat account to link to Facebook and Twitter account
c. Invite friends on Facebook and Twitter to the chat room.
d. Update status on Facebook and Twitter with the activities in the chat room.
e. 123 Flash Chat can now communicate with the Facebook chat directly.

2. Simpler Button Layout
The top toolbar is greatly simplified to keep only the most important buttons and move the others to the submenu.
So does the middle toolbar above the input area.
Which makes the chat even more handy and the chat area becomes larger and neater.

3. Simpler Video Layout
The video window in the embedded mode is greatly simplifed,
the frame is removed and the video toolbar becomes visible only on mouse-over.

4. Added Unignore Panel
To manage the ignored users either in the public or in the private chat.

5. Added Keywords Search in Admin Panel
It makes it even easier for admin to manage the chat room.

6. Add Monitor Panel
With it, the admin can start, stop, restart server, as well as enter the chat demo and the admin panel,
which is also an effort to gain easy management.
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